It wasn’t that long ago that groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter burned, looted, and murdered their way across America. Due to media bias in their favor and the active support of Democrats few if any of these terrorists have been brought to justice. Such is law and order in modern day America.

Their goal then was to intimidate the American people into supporting Joe Biden for president. The goal was achieved. Now, after tasting blood in 2020, they have a new mission.

Protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices have already begun before any official opinion has been rendered in the Dobbs case that could overturn Roe. Thugs on the left have recently called for violence against these justices. If, as expected, the high court overturns Roe then the left may indeed try their hand at physical retribution. They may also attempt to harm a justice before the announcement or injure a justice to such an extent that they would be unable to serve on the court, giving the leftist Biden administration another chance to nominate a justice to the Supreme Court.

Alarmist? Ridiculous drama? Paranoid? Really? Have we all forgotten the burning streets of only two years ago? Is the memory dimmed of marching armed miscreants challenging rightful authority in many cities? This is the modern left, funded by George Soros, very possibly given aid, supplies, and training from foreign intelligence agencies.

The left, from Hitler’s national socialism to the madman Pol Pot to the 60s American radical groups the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground, is familiar with using violence to achieve their stated desires. We must be on guard.

These entities couldn’t care less about Roe itself. The provoking of Roe’s bloodthirsty throngs is merely a means to an end for them. The higher objective is the destabilization of the United States to make it weaker at home and all over the world. Elements of the hard left in the Biden administration and the Democrat Party share that goal and will do anything to see it succeed.

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That’s why security must be enhanced for every justice on the Supreme Court and for the court itself. True, only conservative justices have been targeted. But in a violent operation against the court anyone could get caught in a crossfire. Even, ironically, the justice who may have urged her clerk to leak the Dobbs opinion to cause political tumult and give her allies a green light to begin their violent actions.

It will be too late when the left, the media, and Democrats shed crocodile tears over a fallen justice just to inwardly dance with glee over an opportunity to put another of their own on the high court. They must not be given that chance.