The democrat nut jobs who are currently wailing that they can’t kill black babies as often as they want (blacks are about 13% of the population and 36% of abortions) have laughably gone back to their “my body, my choice” chant the past week after the Roe v Wade draft opinion was leaked.

Really, democrats? THAT is your talking point after forcing everyone to take vaccines? Nice try.

Equally hilarious is their admission that women actually exist now.

So we have VP Harris who spoke at an Emily’s List gala the day after the leak (yeah, that’s not suspicious at all), where she said, “WOMEN in almost half the country could see their access to abortion severely limited…”

Women? What are women?

The incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson IS a woman but still doesn’t know what one is.

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However, our dear Kamala knows and screeched to everyone at the gala “how dare they (republicans) tell a WOMAN what they can and can’t do with their own body.”

How dare they indeed. How dare they require people put untested vaccines into their bodies. 

Where were the democrats supporting a woman’s right to refuse a vaccine? They were nowhere. That’s because they don’t actually support bodily autonomy OR women.

Or even admitting to anyone what women are while their trans agenda was a priority.

But hey… I’m sure that sleep-your-way-up-to-the-job Kamala isn’t the only democrat who knows what a woman is now that they have a new narrative to defend.

Now they all have to get on the bandwagon to pretend to defend women again. And to do that, they now have to admit they exist again.

The Huffington Post knows who women are. They say “ as women in the United States find themselves on the verge of possibly losing the constitutional right to abortion…”

Angry screechy democrat Senator Liz Warren knows who women are. She said “who this is going to fall hardest on is poor women…”

Others leftists on Twitter and at places like MSNBC, CNN and the NYT, as well as elected democrat members of the House and Senate, all of a sudden know what women are again and are griping about their rights being denied.

And the cherry on top of their hypocrisy? That would be the pro-abortion democrats wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.