In this political year, with the PC left desperately trying to stave off congressional defeat and cultural losses, they are screaming their racist, sexist, and perv agenda at high volumes. We can expect Roe riots and lord knows what else this summer.

Not to be outdone, given the 45th president is on the proxy ballot in many GOP primary races, the cult of personality enthusiasts of MAGA have come up with a new term to denote an absolute and unwavering loyalty to the mind, body, and soul of Donald Trump. So like the 1930s revised oath of the German military, some fans of the former president now refer to themselves as “Ultra MAGA.”

They are apparently not content with a label that calls into question their political judgment, not to mention cognitive abilities, but now seek to establish themselves as the high priests of MAGA, the keepers of the sacred mysteries, the obsequious genuflectors bowing deep at the feet of their cardboard deity.

What both sides don’t realize is that they have almost everything in common except ideology and even in that they come much closer to alliance than either faction would ever admit.

Both command the heights of their respective political parties, with about 30 percent opposing them inside the base and party leadership. Both rely on emotion to rile up the politically evangelized. Both would rely on extraconstitutional methods to achieve their goals. The PC leftists, if given power, would replace free speech with an Orwellian thought code and would destroy the independence of the judiciary.

Embittered and paranoid Ultra MAGA acolytes also have little use for some aspects of the Constitution or indeed of reality. They would impeach the current president without bothering to come up with an impeachable offense, as weakness and gross incompetence sadly are not on that list. They have also shown their tolerance of political opposition by the convenient portable gallows they displayed at the January 6th riot.

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Both sides indulge in crackpot conspiracy theories. The PC types tend to focus on Farrakhan type lunacies regarding evil white people and the coming global enforcement of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Ultra MAGA fever swamps hold true to notions of sinister new world orders, Satanist Hollywood babyeaters, and an overturning of the de facto result of the 2020 presidential election.

Both groups show no maturity, little ability to think outside of rabid ideology, or any understanding of American history. They are political children trying to screech their way into power. Granted, MAGA devotees generally observe the niceties of law and order. The PC movement is greatly comprised of Antifa thugs and BLM terrorists.

But regardless of differences, they are essentially two sides of the same coin. It is a currency of extremism, frothing ideological hatreds, and in one case, a pathological devotion to one man so deep it makes the Waffen SS look like a Brownie troop. Thus both PC and any version of MAGA should be rejected out of hand at the ballot box. America deserves better.