Many a pundit has commented on our octogenarian president who is cognitively not capable of being the Commander-in-Chief.

I certainly concur with that assessment.

However, the president’s words and actions have shown that he has devolved into the realm of being a toddler. And being treated like one as well.

What do toddlers do? They don’t understand logic. They don’t communicate well. They have to be constantly supervised. They are impatient and don’t have self-control. They want what they want when they want it. They don’t accept the word “no.” They act out.

Our president doesn’t seem to be able to complete a sentence. Did you see his latest speech on inflation? He doesn’t know what state Senator Rick Scott is from and is incapable of sounding like he has a clue what he’s talking about.

He mumbles and bumbles around in every speech he gives and his co-conspirators in the media totally ignore how mentally incapable he is.

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And toddler Biden blames other children for his own actions. Yes, it’s certainly not Biden’s fault that our country is going down the toilet. 

It’s those awful ultra MAGA folks. You know, the ones who have control of the presidency, the Senate and the House who are making all the rules…

Wait a minute… they don’t have any power. Oops. It’s the Putin price hike. It’s the pandemic. It’s Trump. Biden will continue to lie until he gets caught – and even that won’t stop him.

And like a toddler, Biden has mommy (Jill) to hold his hand and walk him around – and even the Easter Bunny to direct him to where he’s supposed to go.

Biden has got many other mommies and daddies to let him know who he can talk to and about what. There is definitely a “stranger danger” that he must be steered around. 

The danger of actually being asked a real question – and the danger of letting the American people know what’s really going on with our octogenarian three-year-old president.