You would think that if a child is overweight or a sloth or anything else, it is because of parenting. 

After all, children are usually raised by at least one parent who is supposed to be responsible for them until they are 18-years old. Their bad habits are either learned by or accepted by a parent or guardian.

Some parents who DO accept responsibility for their children have been waking up to the fact that racist communist pedophiles have been running their schools and they have finally pushed back against the system and some are even home schooling their kids. They have taken back control.

But the leftists don’t like that. They don’t want parents to be in charge of their kids and lawmakers in California have come up with a new law to make sure parents understand that they aren’t responsible for their kids and that others are to blame for problems that they might be having.

Is your kid fat? It’s McDonald’s fault.

Is your kid lazy? It’s because of those video game people.

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Is your kid “addicted” to social media? 

It’s certainly not YOUR fault, Of course not. 

Sure, you let your kids have their own smart phone when they are seven years old. Sure, they have a computer in their room with no supervision and are on social media more than three hours a day because you let them.

But it’s STILL not your fault.

Just ask the democrats in California.

The California state Assembly passed a bill called “The Social Media Platform Duty to Children Act” on Monday that lets parents sue social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram when their kids become addicted to them. 

Parents can pocket up to $25,000 per violation if their kids are being “harmed” by social media. If the kiddos are under 18 and have been harmed physically, mentally, emotionally, developmentally or materially and they “want” to cut down on their social media time, they qualify for the money. 

I predict a lot of parents and kids will come up with all kinds of violations to be rolling in the green.

But what it really sounds like is the end of social media being available for kids in California. Who’s going to want that kind of liability to get sued every other second?

Not surprisingly, California continues to be the armpit of the country, the cesspool of the United States, the ash heap, dumping ground and sewage-disposal tank of radical progressive democrat ideas. It’s the leftist politicians who really need to be getting sued for destroying everyone’s lives but we all know that will never happen.