The media has their knickers in a twist reporting on monkeypox. Currently there are only two people in the United States who have confirmed cases with six others being monitored.

Already, health officials in NYC are telling everyone to wear masks to fight against a possible monkeypox outbreak in the city.

According to the Daily Mail, there are 50 suspected cases on the entire planet with no deaths.

Even though COVID-19 cases have been on the rise in the United States, the leftists haven’t gotten much traction on their recent pressure campaign of masks, vaccines and ruling over us with emergency powers. 

With the elections in November and a shellacking of democrats coming, the leftists need to come up with something to scare Americans into compliance again – and get those fake mail-in ballots rolling in.

There’s nothing better for the leftists than a new pandemic on the horizon. Pretty soon, we’ll hear doctors talking about a possible combined COVID-19 monkeypox virus – monkeycovid. 

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It’ll be the end of the world – or at least through November.

And with President Disaster planning to hand over our sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO), we will need to stay close to our email and phones to let us know what our marching orders are.

With their new powers soon to be granted to them unconstitutionally by Biden, the WHO will be able to unilaterally interfere in the affairs of any nations who are suspected of having a “health emergency.”

WHO would be able to declare a national health emergency and nullify powers of any nation. The meeting about these new powers will be happening this week at the United Nations headquarters in Switzerland. 

There will be a six-month grace period to withdraw any “yes” vote and that takes us through November. This should be a huge election issue. 

We don’t need COVID-19, monkeypox, monkeycovid or any other virus coming along that will give WHO a reason to dictate lockdowns, mandates, vaccines or anything else to the people in the United States.

We have enough leftist dictators in our own country to fight against who are doing this.