The recent shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY will be used by the democrats as a rallying call for gun control and a vindication that white supremacists are the most dangerous threats to the country.

Already, they are going into full leftist mode, declaring NYC on “high alert,” deploying additional police to black churches. 

This is a joke considering the high crime that has been plaguing the city more more than a year and the fact that there is no evidence that the grocery store shooter was a part of some white supremacist group that plans on committing crimes across the city.

The real problem which is the problem across the country right now is that evil is being ignored. 

This shooter had a history of threats and apparent mental illness and nothing was done to stop him from continuing with his escalating behavior. 

No consequences for his words or actions.

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No real punishment. 

No regard for the innocents by the system that is supposed to protect us. The system we pay for.

If you threaten to shoot up a school, you should go to jail. And if you commit a crime, you should stay there and not go through the revolving door of our justice system so that you can commit more crimes.

Justice in America is an illusion these days – unless of course a crime fits a narrative of the democrat party – and then it’s all hands on deck and the perpetrator must be caught, prosecuted and punished at all costs and as soon as possible

But out here in the real world, it doesn’t matter if a criminal has a five-page rap sheet from their past, including domestic abuse, assault or gun crimes.

The radical prosecutors and judges let these criminals out to offend over and over again and the results are as you would expect – more crime and more murders. 

More innocents killed.

Crime is up all over the country because the leftists won’t leave the criminals in jail where they belong.

Evil is ignored.