Biden’s FDA shut down of the Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan in February has led to mass shortages of baby formula in the United States. They did so with no plan on how to make up the shortages.

To date, there has been no proof that a bacterial contamination from the plant was responsible for sick babies. The FDA did not find that the genetic sequences of the samples matched the bacteria that the sick babies came in connect with so there is no link to the facility. 

There is also no link between the babies in the separate cases. According to the Abbott company, the bacteria that the FDA found in the facility is commonly found in environments.

So this is a BIDEN GOVERNMENT FUBAR – both in shutting down the plant and in not replacing the food that they cut off from babies around the country.

Desperate parents all over the United States are trying to find formula or possible alternatives – to no avail – and now there are babies showing up in hospitals.

There is a report out of Tennessee that two babies have been hospitalized because their bodies could not tolerate the switch in formula. I doubt there are only two kids in the entire country who have been hospitalized because of the baby formula shortage. And unfortunately there will be more to come.

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The baby-hating democrats who don’t want women having babies to begin with are not doing anything to show that they believe that this is the emergency that it is.

The Abbott plant is supposed to re-open in two weeks after it takes steps required by a judge-approved agreement with the FDA – but the products won’t be back on the shelves for about two months. Two months.

What are the babies supposed to do during those two months? Call Door Dash and order a pizza? 

Where is the baby formula task force, the baby formula czar, the Defense Production Act, the National Guard? It should be all hands on deck to get baby formula on the shelves in the next week – not two months.

What if the production of insulin was shut down in the country because of some mass contamination or supply issue? There are 37.3 million people in our country who have diabetes. Would they all be expendable just like our infants?

I am now CONVINCED that the Biden Harris Administration is unable to handle any problems in our country. And in most cases, they are the ones that are actually causing the crises that we are facing.

The lack of baby formula has been called a “healthcare crisis” by pediatrician Dr. Mark Corkins at the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. 

But it’s not a crisis in the Biden Harris administration and the democrats. 

Nothing is ever a crisis unless their low polling numbers get even lower and they are forced to pretend to be doing something.