Another day, another lie from Joe Biden. Another opportunity to go after political enemies instead of actually governing or unifying the country.

But governing and unifying is not what Biden and the democrats are about. They are about lies, spin, corruption and politics.

Biden decided that a commencement speech at the University of Delaware was the place to spew the ongoing democrat lie that Trump insurrectionists killed police officers when they stormed the Capitol on January 6th.

Nope. Didn’t happen.

But it’s hard to know if Biden just doesn’t know what’s going on (that’s pretty much the case most of the time) or just doesn’t mind lying to people. 

It’s a crap shoot these days to figure out what is going on (or isn’t) in his brain.

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Biden also recently told graduating midshipmen at the Naval academy that he had applied to their school back in the ’60’s. 

Oddly enough, his own autobiography “Promised to Keep” doesn’t talk about it. And there is no verification from anyone besides Biden that it actually happened.

Biden is constantly telling made-up stories whether is’s about being arrested during civil rights protests or his bogus Amtrak story that he tells over and over again.

But don’t worry, I’m sure that PolitiFact will fact-check him and get everything straightened out.