Democrats like to tell men that they have no right to comment on abortion. Perhaps they don’t realize that the baby that is growing in the woman’s body is also the child of the man.

But men are only needed for what the woman needs them for – which is usually just for child support and not their time or attention to the child.

Because the woman incubates the child (and has through the courts usually had the advantage in custody matters), they have, over the years, decided that they are in total control of all issues related to their children and that the man is just a nuisance to be dealt with, rarely taking into consideration his thoughts, feelings or requests.

The abortion issue is no different. Most women don’t care what a man’s opinion is on the matter and they certainly don’t want to hear it.

MSNBC guest Michelle Colon recently appeared on Tiffany Cross’ The Cross Connection show to discuss the Roe v Wade issue. 

Cross talked about men, mostly white men – enablers who are making rules from the Supreme Court. She asked Colon’s opinion.

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Colon doesn’t want any men in the Supreme Court or any male legislators making decisions about abortion. 

She said, “I don’t think anyone with a penis should be making, should have any say, unless there’s someone that me, or that pregnant person includes into that decision, you know.”

It is possible that this was the discussion that led actor Kevin Sorbo to tweet, “If men can’t comment on abortion because they don’t have a uterus, why does the left comment on gun control?”

It’s a good point but leftists always want to tell us what we’re allowed to talk about. We’ve certainly learned that in spades over the past few years.

In the case of abortions, the leftists don’t want men to have free speech unless they are pro-choice. 

Have you seen the protesters in front of the homes of the republican Supreme Court justices? I’ve seen plenty of men in those protests as well as other pro-choice rallies.

But it’s time to throw their own rules in front of their faces now. The left has been telling us for the longest time that men can also be pregnant, so abortion is obviously not just a woman’s rights issue anymore and men have every right to have a say about the topic.