It’s always good to see a pretense torn away. For years Democrats and their socialist members like Bernie Sanders and AOC have advocated theft.

However, it usually takes the form of stealing income and revenue through excessive taxation or income redistribution schemes meant to punish success and make Americans wards of the state. After all, a financially dependent America is easier for socialists to rule.

But one friend of Bernie and AOC eschews such pedestrian methods and wants her hordes to openly purloin property by stealing any unoccupied dwelling they see fit to control. If it’s owned by someone else? Tough Trotskies.

Washington state congressional candidate Rebecca Parson has indeed ripped off the mask of pretense and exposed Bernie, AOC, and other Democrats for the common thieves that they truly are.

Says Parson, “I did what they told me: protests, letters, phone calls. Nothing changed. So I stopped doing what they told me. We occupied empty buildings and got 200 shelter beds added in our town.” The owners? Collateral damage.

“Imagine I proposed a Housing for All Bill in Congress. Then imagine you, me and a million of our friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. They couldn’t ignore us,” she says. “No one has ever done anything like this. That’s why it’s going to work.” Ah, the power of mobs. Disgusting in any context, be it socialist or populist. More on that later.

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Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren retorts: “This person also refers themselves as a Democrat socialist, so I think that you know my answer to that one, but this also is the mindset of the radical Democrat Party, or at least the voices that comprise the majority of the radical Democrat Party and speak for the Democrat Party as a whole. They believe that, if you don’t have something, you might as well just take it. The leaders of their party have made this nation unaffordable for most average Americans. But instead of advocating for affordability or things that would bring prices down, that would ease the actual homeless crisis and problem in states like Washington, California and elsewhere, they believe if you don’t have it, you might as well just take it and forget all those Americans out there that bust their butts day in and day out to afford their mortgage, to afford their rent, to afford to fill up their gas tank in Biden’s unaffordable America. These Democrats don’t believe that those people matter. No, why not just be lawless and take what you want?”

As promised, here’s where the bellowing populists and rabid socialists reveal themselves as bosom buddies. Says Parson, “The government has over $40 billion that it can apparently just create on command and send to Ukraine, to Nazis in Ukraine,” she said. “But it can’t afford to [help] people here.”

“Nazis in Ukraine,” eh? The same lines uttered by Madison Cawthorn and Marjorie Taylor Greene fall easily from the lips of socialist Rebecca Parson. Why? Because they are different chords in the same song of brutal ignorance, authoritarian mindset, and cult of personality. Americans on the right are aware of the dangers of socialism. Sadly many of them are too blinded to see the danger that mindless populism also poses to this nation.