When you look back at the upbringing of mass shooters, you very often see a pattern of behavior and red flags of very bad parenting (or no parenting) that lead someone to become the evil person they become.

As a true crime junkie, I have noticed that most of the criminals have the same type of childhoods – the same kind of abusive or negligent parents.

And often, because of the parents (and the “justice” system) not holding these kids to be accountable for anything, their behavior continues to escalate. They’re in and out of jail constantly if they go in at all.

Because they rarely face any significant punishments, they continue to do what they want. And it’s definitely not good for the rest of us.

Recent comments from the parents of the killer of the 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Texas might seem shocking to some but to me they aren’t surprising at all and seem to go in line with the kind of parents I expected the school shooter to have.

Although the killer’s father apologized for what his son did, he doesn’t want anyone calling his son a monster because no one knows what he was going through.

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Hmmm… Merriam-Webster defines a monster as a “threatening force” or something ‘monstrous.”

Yep, I’m pretty sure his son fits that definition.

He also said that his son was a “good person.”

Uh no. He was not.

The father, who has not spent much time his son lately, is obviously clueless about who his son is. Could be because he’s a criminal himself with a lengthy record including assault and causing bodily injury to a family member.

Why am I not surprised.

The mother doesn’t appear to be much better of a role model than the father and is also an apologist for her son’s behavior.

She said he wasn’t a violent person.

Wrong on that one, honey.

I doubt she knows her son well enough to know what he’s like as reports from others who knew the family said her and her son did not have a good relationship and had multiple blowups with police being seen at the house. 

Neighbors have also reported that she was a drug user.

She has recently made excuses for her son by saying “he had reasons for what he did.”

Not a cool response to the mass killing of innocent children.

Not cool at all.