A very close friend who works as a corporate manager called me Thursday to relate a story. It seems one of the people in her department had asked her permission to go home from work. When my pal asked what the problem was, the woman said she was having anxiety attacks over the possible end of Roe v Wade.

My pal soundly thrashed her, in the rhetorical sense, and sent her back to work. To confirm, my friend told her immediate superior about the incident and he backed her up completely. Which got me to thinking.

Over the last several days, since the Roe leak hit the press, we have seen all manner of whining and sky is falling screeching about Roe. This has come mostly from women. It’s not that men don’t have an opinion. But most single men, aside from those with religious scruples, are operationally prochoice because it relieves them of having to worry about the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, I know that’s harsh, but the experiences and attitudes of many male associates over decades tells me it’s true. Such is modern society.

Married men who want kids and dads are generally prolife, but most men keep their opinions to themselves on the subject, lest they be accused by some shrew of “mansplaining.” Thus women make the loudest noise on the subject. However all those noises aren’t the same. Here are the most prominent types we’ve heard since Monday, in no particular order.

1) The victim: Like the employee above, they want to make this work for them. So even if they’ve never been faced with an abortion decision, in theory they want not only the future option to terminate a pregnancy but also want to gain extracurricular benefit from the debate by loudly asserting their views on a subject they’ve never dealt with. This type is found most amongst the young and comes with a coating of partisan saliva.

2) Communist Bambi: These are well meaning and gullible left wing females who actually think that abortion is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Ask them where it’s found in the Constitution and you get the same kind of confused stare Bambi might have given when confronted with a three headed rabbit somewhere in the bowels of the forest.  They, the Bambis not the mutant rabbits, also find it hard to believe, because they consider themselves to be so nice and reasonable, that any person could disagree with them on abortion. Thus they come to their commie sympathies honestly, truly not being able to process that anyone could have an opinion that differs from their own.

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3) The Gorgons: These we see most often on media, spluttering their corrosive bile at men, Republicans, traditional Americans, and anyone who won’t kowtow to them. The cast of The View is a good example of this type. Viragos, harridans, and termagants of all shapes, sizes, and hues unite on this subject over one proposition: They really get off on murdering babies.

4) The Crazies- We’re talking the kind of women who are planning to target churches on Mother’s Day. They are capable of violence against anyone who gets in the way of abortion on demand. If the Biden administration cared they would be classified as domestic terrorists. But the administration only pays lip service to the safety of Supreme Court justices and to condemning violence. It is very possible these choicer lunatics will spill innocent blood, not only that of babies, before this is over.

Are there reasonable women who are prochoice? Of course. I may not agree with them on much of their program, but they do exist. Sadly they are drowned out by the harpies and battle axes who dominate the prochoice position. Not that the lifers don’t have fishwives of their own. They just tend to not be as universally repulsive as their opposite numbers.