Everything that democrats do is based on lies and frauds. They spend most of their time in PR mode to try to convince people that reality isn’t reality. It’s the only way they are able to win elections. 

Hopefully in November, their “Great Lie” (about everything) will get a lot of them voted out of office.

As hard as they try, there are things that the democrats can’t spin like seeing the crime going on in your own hometown and going to the grocery store and the gas station and not being able to afford what you need to buy. 

Finding and affording products have become increasingly difficult under the Biden Harris administration, quite a switch from when Trump was in charge and the only things in short supply were toilet paper, disinfectant and cleaning wipes.

And now there’s the whole FUBAR of the shortage of baby formula which the government created by closing a manufacturer over safety charges that haven’t been substantiated – without coming up with a plan to make sure that our country still had enough food for our babies.

The latest fraud that has been exposed is all of the fake followers that are attached to Biden’s POTUS Twitter account. Newsweek has revealed that 49.3% of Biden’s Twitter followers are fake.

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Are we surprised? Not really. The scenario is quite similar to the “votes” that he supposedly got to win the presidency – by ballots delivered by mules in the dark of night and mail-in ballots that never should have been counted.

The fake Biden Twitter followers were found during an audit by the software company, SparkToro who says these fake followers are “unreachable and will not see the account’s tweets either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc. or because they’re no longer active on Twitter.”

This kind of fraud and deception on Twitter is what has currently got the Elon Musk Twitter deal on hold as he is questioning how many Twitter accounts are fake and whether they represent less than 5% of users as Twitter has contended. 

It doesn’t look like Twitter has been truthful about their followers. Big surprise that the communists in charge of disinformation have been running their company on disinformation.