As American mother search the country for baby formula, photos seem to show it’s not in short supply at the border which means illegal aliens have plenty of access to it.

We all know that the Biden Harris administration won’t take that formula and ship it back to America but the question must be asked – what did the Biden folks know and when did they know it? And when was the baby formula shipped to the processing centers?

Chances are that the Biden folks knew there would be a shortage of baby formula coming because of the closing of the Michigan plant – and shipped a bunch of it to the border so they would be fully stocked up.

Someone needs to do a Freedom of Information Act and see when baby formula was shipped to the border.

Republican REP Kat Cammack out of Florida visited an illegal alien processing center recently and found all kinds of baby items, including stockpiles of baby formula. And it wasn’t just one facility – it was the same at multiple warehouses.

The Biden human traffickers at the border will, of course, need even more baby formula when Title 42 ends soon with many many more illegal alien mothers who will need to feed their babies. I’m sure that Biden won’t let them down.

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But American moms have and will be let down for sure.

Cammack called Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg a liar for saying that the Biden administration has been working on the problem from day one. If that’s the case, they’ve failed miserably. 

Cammack said, “They cancel 43% of this manufacturer’s production with no plan to backfill that market share that they make up, so how have they been on top of this? Because moms for months have been saying it was getting harder and harder to find formula. This is just another example of the broken administration that doesn’t know how to govern.”

In my own small town in Northern Lower Michigan, baby formula is getting harder and harder to find. The local Facebook page for the city is filled with moms who are desperate, running out of formula in mere days if they don’t find something. And many babies only eat certain brands because of stomach issues or allergies. 

But Biden doesn’t care.

Apparently there is a law that the government has to provide adequate food for the illegal aliens. I guess there is no such law for Americans.

This is the country that we now live in under democrat control. 

What else will they give illegal aliens before us? Lifesaving medications perhaps? As long as democrats are in control, it will continue to be America Last.