It is an accepted fact in DC that Joe Biden is senile and suffering from the effects of that condition.

Democrats openly acknowledge it in private, joke about it, and concede that Jill Biden and Ron Klain are running the executive branch. Those Dems who have a knowledge of history, a select few, rightly compare the current situation to the latter parts of the Wilson and FD Roosevelt administrations.

Do they have any compassion for Joe Biden the man, the individual whose mind is obviously deteriorating? No. Their attitude is that he is a convenient placeholder until Harris steps up after the expected Dem debacle on the fall. But the man inside the shell of a mind? He is a tool to them, nothing more.

I’m not trying to elicit tears of sympathy for Joe Biden. He knew what he was getting into when he signed up for this in 2018 or 2019. Maybe earlier. The man who remains, in rare moments of lucidity, also probably knows his situation and is willing to live with it to advance his own personal place in history, no matter how pathetic.

However, we can and should denounce the people who are taking advantage of Biden for their own political purposes. In any other case this would be a clear example of elder abuse. This is trotting out a clearly sick and mentally frail man and parading him and his malady for the world to see. That is cruel as hell and tells us a lot about the people who perpetrate this charade on America and the world. Sadly, this is not the only kind of abuse in the headlines.

Deranged PC parents across the nation are subjecting their kids to barbaric surgeries and quack psychology in an effort to be more liberal than thou regarding what they call “trans” kids.

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Enabling a child’s gender dysphoria is all the rage. What used to be membership in the Sierra Club or a new Volvo is these days to the left supplanted by the child abuse of giving the power of a life-changing decision to adolescents and kids even younger. It is soooo au courant.

No matter if little Tommy or Tammy has not the wisdom to make such a decision. If he is not NFL linebacker material or she is a tomboy then what used to be considered phases of youth or individual quirks are now proof positive to sadistic parents and educrats of a necessity to surgically switch genders. Of course, as gender is defined by chromosomes, there is no switching in reality. There is merely a tragic masquerade when serious psychological counseling should be the order of the day.

Elder abuse at the White House and accepted and barbaric child abuse all over America. That is the inhumane and twisted state of two facets of this country today. In the literal meaning of the phrase, God help us.