The whipping of Haitians at the southern border is just another story in the long list of lies that democrats tell. 

The White House pushed a BS story about U.S. Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian illegal aliens (while on horseback) at our southern border in September of 2021. 

The leftist stenographers in the media repeated the lie as their faithful leftist co-conspirators and every democrat politician pushed the story as well.

All a lie. 

Which we already knew.

According to the National Pulse, the agents have been cleared of misconduct and, of course, the story of them being cleared totally evades the mouths of the White House liars and their friends in the media. 

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Why admit and promote that you lied about something else yet again when you don’t have to because you have no accountability???

Yes, there was no evidence found of misconduct by the border agents according to the Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

The only real misconduct was by The White House and the media when they tried to spin the PR of the Haitian migrant surge into a border agent scandal. 

All spin and no facts as usual coming out of the democrats.

Lying Press Secretary Jen Psaki pushed the fake story by calling the agents’ actions “horrific” and using “brutal and inappropriate measures against innocent people.”

Innocent? Pretty sure they were caught on camera breaking our immigration policies and illegally entering the country.

Biden chimed in by saying that “people will pay.”

If only that were true. 

Democrats never seem to pay for their lies and crimes against the American people. That’s why they don’t stop.