Twitter is going nuts trying to protect their right to control speech and their ability to continue their censorship in order to control America the best that they can.

Freedom of speech? No, no. That’s dangerous. 

The danger to the world? Well, it used to be Donald J. Trump. 

Now it’s Elon Musk.

But it’s still about Donald Trump. And his kind. 

The leftists can’t let the PEOPLE have a say in how the country is ran. Or freely talk about COVID-19. Or criticize vaccine mandates. Or expose democrat corruption. Or try to win elections…

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Twitter and their leftist friends have come up with all kinds of ways to keep Twitter from being taken over by Musk and becoming a bastion of free speech.

Poison pills. Tanking stock prices. Lawsuits. 

And etc. and etc. and etc.

And don’t think that they won’t use everything they have in their toolbox to go after Tesla as they vengefully protect their power at all costs.

Its’ red-alert time for leftists. Time to rally the forces – time to get the celebrities on board, the rich democrats, the government, judges, the media…

Pretty soon, the media will expose Musk to have sexually assaulted a woman twenty years ago. Or they’ll dig up a photo of him with Jeffrey Epstein. We all know that the smear machine is currently working overtime to take Musk down. He’ll be painted as a white supremacist soon enough.

Speaking of the media, even though the leftists are all over Twitter complaining about a billionaire owning Twitter, there are SOME billionaires that they approve of.

Billionaire Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post which he uses against his political enemies every day of the week. But because he’s a Trump hater and a leftist, he is not danger to democracy.

Leftists like Bezos are the “good” billionaires because they toe the line for the democrats – just like Time Magazine’s Marc Benioff and majority owner of the The Atlantic‘s Laurene Powell Jobs

So what are the leftists so afraid of?

The same thing they have always been afraid of. The same thing they govern against.


Mika Brzezinski summed it up pretty well on her hubby’s show on MSNBC called Morning Joe.

After whining about Musk trying to undermine the media, Brzezinski got upset about Musk trying to control what people think. “That is our job,” she said.

Thanks for the honesty for a change, Mika. We appreciate it.