One of the best things about Trump’s presidency was his exposure of the fake news media. And one of the best things about going to a Trump rally was doing the chant “CNN Sucks.”

I even remember seeing the chant on CNN itself before they quickly cut away from the Trump rally to someone reporting from the network’s headquarters.

Now we have actual proof that CNN sucks. 

After putting $300 million into the launch of their streaming project called CNN+ (and around $200 million in advertising) they weren’t able to get the amount of subscribers that they wanted and only had about 10,000 people watching it at any given time.

So alas, CNN had to shut down CNN+ less a month into their failing project, leaving many staffers without jobs and their high profile hires like Chris Wallace without a venue to crap on republicans.

The staffers are, of course, whining about their loss of a job but I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They are part of the war on the middle class and I doubt they gave a crap when the Keystone XL Pipeline workers lost their jobs – or anyone else during their tyrannical party’s shutdowns and vaccine mandates across the country.

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I took a look at a You Tube video called “10 Most Beautiful Snails in the World” and they were able to get 618,284 views. Maybe CNN should look into hiring the marketing director from the snail show.

CNN+ wasn’t a good idea from the beginning. Who would seriously want to shell out $5.99 a month for anything coming out of CNN? I really doubt they had any sort of research that actually told them that people would pay money for more BS than what already appears on their TV screen.

Snail BS is much more appealing. You can watch that on You Tube as well. This video of a snail pooping has gotten 12,455 views – a higher number than the CNN+ daily viewing number and much more exciting programming.