The leftists blather on and on about how masks are saving lives even though they have no data that they work at all against COVID-19.

Worse yet, they appear to be dangerous.

Gee… constantly wearing a product that is mostly produced in communist China as cheap as possible. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

There seems to be a problem with plastics from the masks going into our lungs.

What? You haven’t heard about that? Not surprising.

Who’s going to tell about it? The government? The fake news media?

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So reports (actually out of China from scientists) show that most masks shed microplastic fibres that are inhaled by the wearer and could be harmful.

But don’t worry. They say that the benefits far outweigh the effects from breathing plastic into your lungs.

What benefits?

Benefits to people who need to sell more masks?

It looks like the folks who want to sell more masks might be downplaying the problem. And the democrats who want mask mandates all over the country aren’t talking about the problem at all.

So what if nearly all of the masks tested increased the daily intake of microplastic fibres and could cause some health problems?

I’m sure there is nothing to worry about.

And what does Canada have to say about this? The Investment Watch Blog talks about some masks made in China that were sold and distributed in Quebec that were used in public schools (mandatory wearing of course.)

But guess what? Health Canada did a preliminary risk assessment and found that the masks contained microscopic grapheme particles. What happens when you inhale them? Apparently they can cause severe lung damage.

But hey…Mask on, folks! So says Jen Psaki and the rest of the very caring folks in the Biden-Harris administration and the media.