Remember the good ole days when you were in school and kids pretty much got equal punishment for equal “crimes”?

You basically knew where you stood and could decide if the prank you wanted to pull was worth the punishment that you would get.

Well, heck, that was racist.

The democrats have a new plan and punishment at a school in Washington state will be based on your race.

According to The Daily Mail, The Clover Park School District’s board approved a new policy where the school will now use “culturally responsive discipline.”

These are just code words for racial equity in the handing out of disciplinary actions i.e. racism.

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The new policy makes the teachers impose their discipline based on the “needs” of the student in a “culturally responsive manner.”

So do you want to steal your teacher’s purse or hit her in the mouth? Maybe set the school on fire? Be sure to seek out a person of color to help you with your evil deeds. 

It sounds like a smart and creative POC could have a side gig doing things around the school for others. 

Need a new iPhone? Have a Hispanic friend steal it for you. Pay him $20 and he’s got a whole new business going on. But don’t be sexist. Girls can get in the game as well.

The school, of course, is blaming other leftists for what they are doing, citing the state’s law that makes school districts “align with Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion standards.”

And even though the school district is using the phrase “culturally responsive,” they actually say with a straight face that their district does not make race a determining factor.

Yeah, right.

Just like the democrats were the racist leaders of the past under their white KKK hoods, they continue to be the more racist people in the country.