I’m always wondering how Babylon Bee can come up with their stories when real life under democrats is currently beyond absurd.

Case in point is legislation in California by a crazy democrat State Senator named Nancy Skinner. 

Skinner’s legislation, SB 960, would remove a provision that someone has to be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States in order to be a police officer.

Sounds like a great idea (insert sarcasm here).

The bill allows immigrants who are in our country with a green card (or another form of legal visa) to become a police officer.

However, as reported by Fox News, the language in the bill itself does not specify that illegal aliens are barred from doing so. 

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Apparently, the term “illegal” immigrant wasn’t needed to be added into the bill because other federal laws already ban illegals from becoming police officers.

However, we all know that sometime in the near future, the democrats will be doing what they can to make all of the illegal aliens “legal” citizens – to be able to sign up for free school, free health care and the privilege to vote for democrats.

Democrat power, after all, must be maintained, and open borders is how that goal is achieved.

The democrats are doing whatever they can to make sure that American citizenship means absolutely nothing and our puppet president is giving them everything they need to make sure that happens.