Open borders is one of the most important things that the democrats have going on for various reasons including having a future underclass to vote for them.

While everyone on the planet is allowed to invade our country, the illegal aliens are bringing with them their criminal behavior, including bringing a massive amount of drugs into our country.

With the help of Biden and the democrat party.

Fentanyl deaths in our country, especially among our youth, are off the charts.

Last year the DEA seized enough Fentanyl to kill every American. And that’s just the stuff they found. 

We had record overdose deaths from Fentanyl coming through the border in 2021 during the first year of Biden’s presidency. 

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In March of 2022, we had a 56% increase in Fentanyl seizures from the year before.

Most of it comes from China – and Biden is letting it happen.

Even the Washington Post has an opinion piece about how “Biden’s border disaster” is fueling the crime wave in American cities.

And it’s not just drugs that Biden is moving into the country. It’s people. It’s little girls that will be sex trafficked. It’s people forced into slavery, working jobs to pay back the coyotes for helping them get across the border.

Biden, “The Big Guy” as described by his son, Hunter, is truly the king of human trafficking. 

In the 2021 fiscal year, according to the Pew Research Center, the Border Patrol reported more than 1.6 million “encounters” with illegals at the U.S.-Mexico border, the highest annual total on record. 

Many more got through without being seen or apprehended. The Center for Immigration Studies says that only 68% of illegal border crossers get caught.

Millions and millions more illegals are expected when Biden dissolves Title 42 in May.

As the King of human trafficking, the very generous Biden is even flying people to the states they want to go to.

What a guy!

It’s just too bad that he isn’t sitting in a prison cell like the rest of his kind.