I keep hearing people on TV and on the radio, the real and the fake news media, talk about the “so-called Don’t Say Gay bill” or the bill “dubbed as the Don’t Say Gay bill” or “otherwise known as…” 

There is NO “Don’t Say Gay” bill and these so called journalists in the media all know it. 

The legislation in Florida that the leftists are freaking about and Jen Psaki is crying about has a name – it’s called the Parental Rights in Education bill. So for any journalist to refer to it in any way other than the “Don’t Say Gay bill” is unprofessional and just an outright lie.

The democrats don’t have any decent policies to stand on which means all they have is marketing on their side. The media perpetuates their lies and then they spew them to the public. To fall into their trap of using THEIR vocabulary and phrases is just absurd and counter productive.

The people invading the country are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not migrants or undocumented immigrants.

The democrats also like to say “reproductive freedom” or “choice” instead of the word abortion.

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Then there is also the word “gender” that the left keeps using whenever talking about transgender rights or sexualizing children. Real Clear Politics has a video of The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh talking about this very thing.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh used to tell us that words have meaning and they certainly do in the political world.

In a radio show he did in 2014, he said, “The media’s chosen sides now, and so there’s not an opportunity for the public, the body politic, to honestly be informed of things. Nothing new, actually, but still it’s a fact. But there’s more to it. I ran across, over the weekend, a pretty interesting piece. You know, I popularized way back in the early nineties a tiny little phrase: Words mean things. The left has succeeded in really bastardizing common, ordinary, everyday English words to where now they have entirely different meanings.

Words and marketing. It’s all the democrats have and we shouldn’t be sucked into their narratives. Not even a little bit.