I’m serious. 

Not only are we forced to live in an unconstitutional, unsafe and unlawful country that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and President Biden have forced on us, but we also have to put up with a Federal Government that is totally corrupt.

Everyone is on the take.

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE – but about 98% in my opinion.

“Pay to play” is not just the hobby of the elitist politicians, it’s their occupation. Their full time occupation. Governing the country is something they do about ten minutes a day and even then, they use that time to figure out how to screw over their political opponents, not how to make our lives better.

Never before has the following phrase been more important: “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing it Power in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

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Destructive, you ask?

We are far more oppressed by our own government than we ever were by the British when we formed a new country. 

Especially under our current tyrannical leftist government, we have no shot of being safe or economically sound or retaining any of the freedoms that we were promised.

The Constitution itself is under fire with all of our freedoms in jeopardy.

The democrats are actively working against us with their pro-criminal and pro-illegal alien policies and doing things to purposely tank our economy and decimate the supply chain.

We are ruled by corrupt politicians trying to make a buck (millions of bucks actually) and using every governmental resource at their fingertips to do so.

They steal our money via excessive taxation and use it like monopoly money to get their personal agendas taken care of and to bribe people who can help them win re-election.

They enslave us with regulations and more recently “emergency” powers because of the pandemic.

And the government continues to add to the legislation already on the books at a rapid pace to keep us all in check. 

The Federal Register currently has 887,993 documents on their website and each of those documents has dozens or hundreds of pages. You are surely doing something illegal as you are sitting here reading this article but how would you know? Do you have time to read millions of pages of rules that the government came up with?

Helping the government along with their oppression of us is the fake news media, corporate world, celebrities, the educational system and the social media censors, all colluding to promote radical leftist ideology. And now you can add to that the medical field as well.

In addition to all of that, we are being ruled by bureaucrats who were never elected.

Just the other day, the almighty Wizard of Covid, Anthony Fauci, was whining that the courts had the audacity to rule against his powers. He actually said it was disturbing that the courts can rule over the CDC.

What’s disturbing is leftists. 

What’s disturbing is how much corruption there is on the left and how much they are all on the take.

Biden appears to be compromised by China and many others. 

Obama and Clinton participated in a coup against Trump. 

Obama used the DOJ, the FBI, and our intelligence agencies (and IRS) to go after political enemies.

Hillary Clinton made a gazillion dollars in her Foundation by trading access and promises for money.

All three of them set up systems of rewarding millions to donors and friends in the form of grants and contracts to help them get re-elected while also enriching themselves.

And it just goes on and on and on. 

But don’t think that the hands of the republicans are clean either. They aren’t. 

The democrats are just a whole lot better at the corruption game. And a whole lot better at never getting caught or prosecuted.

The newest scam going on is a story out of Breitbart News about a report from Alliance for Consumers about how “a group of political action committees affiliated with plaintiff-side trial law firms donated $17.5 million to left-wing candidates and causes after those firms received lucrative government contracts.”

Pay to play.

No one is surprised by this.

It’s just another day in Washington DC.