So back last week, Homeland Security’s Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told us that white supremacy is the biggest terrorist threat to America. 

Not Iran, not any radical muslim terrorists, or the illegals breaking through the southern border, not BLM or Antifa, not North Korea or China or Russia.

Yep, it’s white supremacists.

Mayorkas was at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference and actually said with a straight face, “…the greatest terrorism-related threat that we face in the homeland is the threat of domestic violent extremism” and went on to say that there is an increase in hate on social media and said “the most prominent threat is the threat of white supremacists.”

Yeah… NO.

So what happened on Tuesday? There was a shooting in Brooklyn in the subway and who is the suspect?

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It’s Frank R. James, a black radical who has long rants on YouTube about whites. Someone who was on the radar of law enforcement and posting evil things on social media but still walking around free.

Hey YouTube, why was he allowed on your channel to spout his hate while you spent your time shutting down people who questioned vaccines and the vaccine mandates? You Tube didn’t even take down James’ site until Wednesday.

So what did he rant about? 

He says he’s “63 and now full of hate, full of anger and full of bitterness.” He criticized democrat Mayor Eric Adams and also ranted about how black people are treated with disdain in our country and how white people will decide to eventually kill them all.

He says “I should have gotten a gun, and just started shooting motherf—ers” as well as hitting women in the head and robbing old ladies.

So the FBI had interviewed this guy in the past (several times) in 2019 and decided he was okie dokie. 

After all, he wasn’t a white supremacist or a Trump supporter. Not a threat to anyone.

And guess what else that our leftist feds in law enforcement were up to while they were busy targeting Trump supporters and white supremacists?

That’s right, they used their resources to go after a bunch of white rednecks in Michigan in what appears to be a set-up of entrapment in the kidnapping trial of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The jurors learned that there were as many FBI folks in the plot as white rednecks, people who didn’t even know each other before the FBI got them together. 

So to the jury, it obviously appeared that it was the undercover agents and FBI informants running the show (informants who were paid tens of thousands of dollars).

As a result, two of the rednecks got acquitted and there were mistrials with two other ones.

The main FBI ringleader was later transferred to head up the January 6th case. His name is Steven D’Antuono. He ran the FBI Detroit field office of the FBI and was promoted to DC to oversee the January 6th operation.

I’m sure that the Jan. 6th investigation is legitimate too (wink-wink).

Surely, we can trust and depend on the leftist feds to do the right thing.