Our puppet president has many puppet masters to tell him what to do. 

He’s got wifey Jill, Chief of Staff Ron Klain, invisible handler Susan Rice and a plethora of staffers from previous Obama and Clinton administrations.

But dementia Joe had a new handler show up on Monday – the Easter Bunny.

During an Easter event, Joe wanted to talk about Pakistan and Afghanistan, but alas, the Easter Bunny would have none of that.

At a White House Easter Egg Roll event (that happened the day after Easter for some reason), the Easter Bunny stopped President Biden from talking about anything presidential-related like foreign policy.

The Bunny (Angela Perez) is actually a White House press assistant, not surprisingly.

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Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley tweeted, “Why is the Easter Bunny directing the President of the United States?”

Why indeed.

And Jill was there to help out Joe too – telling “the Big Guy” to wave at everyone. “Wave…wave…” she prompted. The only thing she didn’t do was lift up Joe’s hand and wave for him.

Over time, during his campaign and his presidency, Biden has eluded to the mysterious “they” when talking about what he’s able to do and not do. These are secret people who are controlling what Biden says and does.

Biden has told us that “they” will not let him do certain things like talk to the press. Even at the Easter event, he whined about not being able to read a book to the kids because of the “they” folks – but wifey Jill gave in and let him read a page.

So it looks like the Easter Bunny is one of those “they” folks – in the inner circle of his handlers.

Who will be next? Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy?

BTW, neither the bunny nor Biden (nor most of the guests behind the fence) were wearing masks or social distancing.