Handing out eggs and chocolate and little yellow Peeps ain’t the breeze it used to be. Caught under the thumb of the Biden Price Hike, the Easter Bunny is having to make cutbacks.

No longer will the kiddies be able to get a minimum of four colored eggs. No, they will be down to two because of the ever-increasing rising cost of eggs – not to mention chickens.

Is your little one used to getting a whole box of Peeps? Too bad for them. Three Peeps is the new five. And one candy bar instead of two.

What about Easter baskets? No baskets this year. They’re stuck on a ship in a port somewhere. The big Easter Bonanza will be stuffed in a shoe box and the presents wrapped in paper towels.

And what about the Bunnymobile? Well, the green energy plans from the democrats have killed that. The Bunnymobile emits way too much carbon dioxide and the rabbit is going to have to make it to your house on foot – four feet actually.

Because of transportation issues, the children of the world should expect their Easter goodies to show up right around the fourth of July this year – but don’t expect your 16¢ Biden savings on July 4th cookouts this summer.

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That ain’t happening either.

Elections have consequences.

There is a solution to your woes in November. Vote the democrats out of office.

Hop to it.