I was driving around today going from place to place and remembering the life I was living in the Spring of 2020. 

That was when the democrats – the CDC and our tyrannical democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – locked us down and got to decide who was essential and who wasn’t.

It was a ghost town where I lived back then – and it didn’t matter if I was out early in the morning, going home for lunch or running errands later in the day. There were hardly any cars on the roads. 

It was eerie and I hope to never see that existence again. A non-existence really.

The business that I worked for stayed open because we decided the government wasn’t going to shut us down.

You bet your butt that I scoured the governmental “rules” and found that the company I worked for could be defined under several different categories. 

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Not to mention our clients included the government itself, the local hospital and others who were essential and needed our services.

Our witless governor told people that “if businesses are not sure if they’re life-sustaining, assume they are not.”

Bite me. That was my answer to her.

We were the only business of our kind to stay open. But who was going to shut us down? I really didn’t think the republican Sheriff was going to drive down the street from two blocks away and put a lock on the door.

And my boss had a folder with documents printed out about how we were qualified to be essential.

We weren’t very busy but we stayed open for those who needed us. Instead of the usual six or seven people working, there were three of us.

This is what the democrats created. The pandemic was a gift to them. They scared people, they ruled over people, they acted like total lunatics. People lost their jobs and their businesses.

So it’s not just inflation and Afghanistan and their woke BS and the illegal alien crisis at the border and their non-stop spending and their race-baiting and their war on fossil fuel and their anti-police pro-criminal agenda and their election rigging that should get the democrats voted out of office. 

It’s also their tyrannical rule by emergency orders that showed us all who these people truly are.

THEY are the ones who aren’t essential and they need to get the boot in November. There is no other way to save America if these oppressive and crazy leftists stay in office.

Don’t forget what they did to you. 

Vote them out of power. Go to the polls and get rid of them. 

Don’t let anything stop you. Take a friend. Take ten friends.

Build back better.

Make America Great Again.