Democrats have been governing against the will of the American people for decades but have never gone to the extremes as they have since Biden was elected as their illegitimate president after they rigged the election against Donald Trump.

Biden and the democrats have sent our economy into a tailspin and the prices of everything is higher than ever.

Their policies have increased crime all over the country.

The are letting as many illegal aliens into the country as they possibly can.

They have forced people to wear masks, get vaccines and they have destroyed their businesses with lockdowns.

Gee… I don’t think you actually have to hire a company to tell you the obvious. There is no need to pay someone to tell you that what you have been doing is not working and that no one is happy with the results of the Biden presidency.

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But the democrats did anyway.

Politico reports that democrats paid the group HIT Strategies to find out what’s going on in the minds of the American voter. And not just ANY voter. The democrat voter.

They’ve been conducting weekly focus groups and in this latest one, it was with subgroups of their black democrat base (age 25+) and the youth base (ages 25-39).

What did they find out? That the democrat politicians are in big trouble this November.

Voters (yes even democrats) have a preoccupation with inflation and crime.

Shocker, right?

Democrat voters also have an exhaustion with pandemic restrictions, a cynicism about politics and a deep frustration that Biden and his merry band of democrat thieves have failed to deliver on early promises (that would probably be the radical leftists who are upset that Biden hasn’t destroyed the country fast enough for their liking.)

Democrat voters also question the strategy of focusing on the January 6th riots.

Words used by these democrats included the following: exhausted, uptight, unsure, concerned and anxious.

Hm… that doesn’t sound good. 

If democrats are thinking along these lines, what are independents thinking?

The democrats should be panicking at this point with Biden’s decline in approval, especially with millennials and black voters.

While these democrat voters are trying to tell the democrats what is going on and what needs to be fixed, The White House thinks that the problem is just messaging. They are sure that it’s just the reporting that is doing them in. They think the media is responsible for the “public’s overwhelming focus on the bad news of inflation.”

But most of us are living in the real world – even democrat voters. 

You can’t fix stupid and that’s the permanent homeland of the democrat party.