So where is all of the COVID-19 money going? You remember… the big emergency that we had to fund so that everyone is safe and so the schools could open and all of that garbage that the democrats spewed to steal our tax dollars.

Let’s see…the money is going to a lot of things…

Raises for school staff.

A sports complex in Michigan.

Laptops, gyms and library books in Oregon.

More police in California.

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Salaries and benefits in Pennsylvania.

Hotels, ballparks, ski slopes, food trucks, smoothie services and more…

And this is just what I found in about ten minutes when doing a cursory search. So I am not even scratching the surface on what’s going on. 

Local governments and schools are pretty much using the funds in whatever way they want since there are little to no stipulations on the money coming out from the American Rescue Plan.

There is lots and lots of COVID-19 money floating around but I don’t see a whole lot going to anything that is actually related to COVID-19.

In Lenawee County in Michigan, even though County Chairman David Stimpson appears to have financial interests connected to a sports complex, the county commissioners still approved $2.3 million dollars of COVID-19 money to be used to purchase land for a proposed sports complex.

In Newport, Oregon, a school is using federal government COVID-19 funding for a new gym and some laptops.

The Guardian is reporting that some California cities are spending COVID-19 relief money on police departments after the radical BLM democrats chased them off, resulting in mass resignations and retirements.

In Panther Valley, Pennsylvania, they are putting their COVID-19 money into salaries and benefits.

You would think that COVID-19 relief money would actually be spent on things to help people with COVID-19 – or things to mitigate COVID… you know…masks, vaccines, ventilation systems, therapies, cleaning supplies and the like…

But that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Don’t you fret though because the money is being used for our “well being” so says some school district leaders in Michigan.

And with no real rules on how the money is spent, the local governments and schools will continue to use the money as they please – just like the feds do with our taxpayer dollars.