It’s what happens when you offer products and services to children through the wallets of their parents – and then publicly show everyone that you are uncaring about the actual welfare of children.

The woke Mickey Mouse Club decided to lie about the Parental Rights in Education bill in Florida and “came out” (either voluntarily or were shamed into it) to be all-in on supporting the for sexualization of five-year-olds. 

Not cool said parents all over the United States.

Parents don’t want their kids learning about sex in kindergarten – any kind of sex. 

Schools should teach little kids math, reading and writing. Not transgenderism, the gay lifestyle, how to masturbate or where to buy heterosexual toys.

The land of make believe became the land of gender advisers and sex mentors.

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Along the way, the leftists tried to market their perversion as discrimination. They’re talented that way. 

They lied about the bill that protects kids in elementary school from being indoctrinated by teachers unions who want to sexualize kids. 

They called it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and got all of the usual suspects on board to push back against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

It didn’t work.

Parents pushed back.

And DeSantis pushed back. 

Now it appears that the Walt Disney Company is going to lose their cushy status of basically running their own city.

For years, dating back to the late 1960’s, Disney has had special privileges in Florida. They’ve had tax privileges and have been in their own self-governing status. 

They were in control of their own land unlike us little people out here who have to pay taxes and abide by governmental regulations and tyranny.

According to the New York Post, that means that Disney had “wide-ranging autonomy, including over local police and fire departments on the land where its theme park sits in Orlando. It currently seas the company tens of millions of dollars a year in exemptions from various regulations, taxes and fees…”

But that appears to be no more starting June of 2023 because legislation (SB 4-C) has passed both the Florida House and Senate and will soon by signed by Governor DeSantis.

It’s about time these leftists pay the consequences for a change for the crap that they dish out. 

And I don’t feel one bit sorry for the people in Orange county or Osceola county Florida that they could be left saddled with “Disney debts.” 

You know why? Because they are Biden voters – and they also should pay the price for what they did. For who they voted for to be president.

56% of them voted for Biden in Osceola county and 61% of them voted for Biden in Orange county. They’re getting exactly what they deserve.

Unfortunately, being woke is not working for Disney (or the democrats) like it did for Sleeping Beauty.