It took almost 30 years and an incompetent president named Joe Biden to increase the prices at The Dollar Tree to go over a dollar. We’ve been through a lot in that time, but the items in the store remained a dollar throughout.

The Oklahoma City bombing.

The North American Free Trade Agreement. 

The impeachment of President Clinton.

The impeachment of Donald Trump.

The impeachment of Donald Trump (again).

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The September 11th terrorist attack.

Hurricanes, floods, fires… and even Obama.

The great recession and housing crisis didn’t even raise the prices over a dollar.

Neither did the pandemic under Trump.

But then along came Joe Biden who screwed up the country so badly that he’s affecting the everyday lives of Americans – even down to people who can only afford to spend four quarters on a box of macaroni and cheese or a can of Spam.

But now they have to rifle through their belongings to find an extra quarter for that box of macaroni and cheese or the can of Spam.

Meanwhile, the democrats try to spin the reality we live in and pretend like inflation is only at around 8%. Bull crap. 

It’s more like 25%. Or more. My grocery bill is 50% more under Biden than Trump. My gas fill-ups are more than 2x what they were under Trump.

Hopefully sane people will vote Biden’s democrat co-conspirators out of office soon because long-term inflation should have political consequences.

November can’t come soon enough. 

Republicans aren’t always the solution but they usually aren’t the ones causing the problems.