In what has become the first live-streamed war, we are all observers to genocide on a daily basis.

The so-called “good” folks, the westerners who pretend to be moral, fighters for democracy and protecting the innocents have turned their back on the innocents. They’ve been exposed.

For those of you, like me, who have long wondered how the Holocaust happened, now we know. Good men (and women) are doing nothing.

Some of the worst atrocities haven’t been on video, like the rapes and murders described by the rabbis on the Mark Levin show. 

But others have. We’ve seen missiles destroying apartment buildings, children’s bodies covered in blood and elderly people who pose no threat who have been executed.

I’ve seen a horrific video that I’ll probably never get out of my head of a father named Oleh Bulavenko who was shot to death along with two of his dogs. Bulavenko and his son had gone back to their home to rescue their three dogs. Only the son and one of the dogs are alive now because Russians opened fire on their vehicle as they drove down a country lane outside of Kyiv.

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Putin is killing civilians, not fighting a war against a military. But that’s not enough reason for the western world to stop him. No, they have their rules about how and when they will fight the Russians. 

They won’t even enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

However, even when they do make promises to help, they break them. 

Google “Budapest Memorandum” and see what you come up with. That was the deal that was made with Ukraine in order to get them to give up the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal, with about 1900 nuclear warheads.

The U.S., Russia and Britain said they would respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine and to “refrain from the threat or use of force” against them. 

Ukraine were promised security and is getting none. This is because the memo contains “assurances” and not “guarantees” i.e. Ukraine NEVER should have believed anything written on that piece of paper. He should have never trusted the United States.

When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, Obama did nothing – so Putin knew he could do the same thing with Ukraine under Biden. He just had to wait until President Trump was out of office because he knew that his aggression wouldn’t stand under Trump.

But the Biden administration IS the Obama administration and Putin knew his chances of taking Ukraine would be pretty good under old Joe. Especially after Putin witnesses the disastrous FUBAR during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

So now every day, we see Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy begging for help and the western world does as little as possible to help him.

And why am I not surprised that this inaction to protect Ukraine is the direct result of weak democrats – Clinton getting a BS memo signed, Obama ignoring Crimea and Biden ignoring Ukraine. Evil seems to march on when democrats are in power.

The cowardly leaders of the world have no souls and are pretending like this is a one-off, limited incursion only affecting Ukraine. 

They don’t understand that their group decision to do nothing against Russia is an open invitation for Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and anyone else to do whatever they want because all they have to do is threaten to use their nukes.

It’s really irrelevant that Putin is being shown to be a terrorist genocidal maniac on TV and on the internet. It doesn’t matter that he’s “losing” the war on social media as so many idiots have been telling us.

Media wars don’t kill people, bombs do.