So when Donald Trump was in office, we had a president that many didn’t want to listen to. They didn’t like what he said or how he said it. It was a personal choice for people to live in a world where their TDS dominated their lives.

However, what we have now is different. And it’s dangerous.

We have a president who we CAN’T listen to. 

We can’t listen to him because he lies all of the time – and he rants off-script so much that his handlers are constantly cleaning up the mess.

I actually heard a democrat operative say the other day that it doesn’t matter what the president says, it’s what he means that is important.

Okay, so we’re supposed to ignore old man Biden and wait for the “official” Obama White House operatives to translate what Biden meant to say? Is that the game plan?

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Biden’s latest rant happened in Poland where he said, “For God’s sake, this man (Putin) cannot remain in power.”

You notice that he added the “For God’s sake” because he really meant it.

But The White House spin machine said he didn’t mean it. We don’t understand what he meant. We are the ones who have it wrong.

Obama officials at The White House tell us that Biden wasn’t talking about regime change. 

Of course not.

Biden was just trying to make the point that Putin “cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region.”

Even though that’s not what Biden said.

The democrat operatives actually said that Biden wasn’t talking about Putin being in power. Even though Biden was talking about Putin being in power (or not in power as the case may be).

Then there’s the comment Biden told troops about what they could expect when they go to Ukraine.


The White House had to clean that one up too. 

The spin machine. Marketing. Words. Optics.

As I’ve always said, it’s all the democrats care about. 

Governing the country is not a priority to the Biden-Harris Administration. 

And governing the country well or to do it in a way that benefits the American people is DEFINITELY not on their radar.