Inflation, open borders, a crime surge, the prospect of war and more…our very own VP Harris told everyone recently that voters got what they ordered.

Democrats around the country must be giddy living this “new life” that Biden has brought to them. I’m sure my democrat friends and family are full of smiles all day every day because of what Biden and the democrats have brought to their lives.

They’ve gotten more COVID-19 than under President Trump.

Product shortages.

Astronomical gas prices.

Astronomical debt.

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Labor shortages.

Open borders.

Unaffordable bacon.

A Fentanyl crisis.

The cancellation of America’s energy independence.

High crime in large democrat-run cities.

Ukrainians getting slaughtered.

Millions of dollars of military equipment given to the Taliban.

Talks to restart the Iran deal.

Abandoned Americans in Afghanistan and soldiers who were murdered during Biden’s FUBAR withdrawal plans.

The list goes on and on – and according to the democrats, it’s exactly what the voters wanted and they should be dancing in the streets telling everyone about their success.

During a speech at the Democratic National Committee, VP Harris told everyone that their task is to “show people that, in many ways, they got what they ordered.”

Yep, the voters ordered failure from the democrats and they sure delivered.

She actually thinks that the democrats should run on their records as opposed to pretending that people don’t live in the reality they live in. Or instead of blaming Trump and the republicans for everything bad going on.

Harris said, “A lot of what they (voters) demanded they got and so let’s get out there as we do and remind them…because we know that they will show up again.”

RAH-RAH, said the unlikable cheerleader and first loser to drop out during the democrat presidential primary.

There wasn’t much applause by her democrat friends after her statements so I’m not sure the democrats actually want to run on their records.

Maybe they’ve noticed that Biden isn’t polling well and that people are ticked off with current circumstances.

Maybe they’ve noticed that Biden and Harris aren’t up to the task of their jobs and don’t want to be dragged down with them.

Or maybe they live in reality like the rest of us.