It is supremely tempting to advocate for the end of the Biden presidency. Especially after his recent gaffes on the Ukrainian War, the man shows himself to be wholly unsuited for domestic or international leadership.

And if we’re honest and look at the entire empirical evidence, he fares no better. Gas prices, higher. The border, gone. Inflation, returned with a vengeance. Energy, we’re again dependent on foreign sources. Social policy? Left wing racism, CRT, and an anti-family agenda. Is there one area he has succeeded in? If so, he has hidden it well.

Thus it is common sense and natural any thinking American would want this reign of weakness and incompetence to end. But we pride ourselves here on uncommon thinking. Emotional and even superficially apparent measures sometimes do not stand the test of the next step. This is one of those times. Because if we bounce Joe Biden we get Kamala Harris and we go from the frying pan directly to the fire.

There are moments when Joe Biden seems sentient. Occasionally during the Ukraine crisis he has said and done the right thing. Can you give me an example of when our cackling imbecile of a veep has said or done anything that does not recall somebody suffering from a severe brain aneurysm? Unlikely.

She also mocks, by her very presence in office, a central proposal of our republic. We are supposed to be a place where you are treated equally as an individual. True, that doesn’t always happen. However, we’re supposed to at least make the effort. But when someone, also like the current Supreme Court nominee, is treated as a member of a protected class and receives the perks of such, it tells others who do not benefit from tokenism that they needn’t try. The deck is already stacked against them.

As bad as Biden is, can you imagine Kamala Harris as leader of the free world? I can hear the baying already. Oh, I don’t think she’s competent because she’s a black female. Well, I’m not exactly the King of Norway myself and I would happily exchange Harris for Candace Owens, Star Parker, or even Condi Rice. And furthermore, I think Margaret Thatcher was the greatest Western leader of the 20th century.

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So it has nothing to do with gender and race. It has all to do with ideology and competence. Kamala Harris is the price Joe Biden paid to the hard Left for their support in 2020. It’s the reason the urban riots stopped last year and the press turned from insurrectionists to happy little reactionaries.

So before you want to fire Biden think about the vice president and you will realize that Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s most effective insurance policy. It’s a sad state of affairs, but there it is. Oh by the way, get rid of them both, you say? Then we get…Pelosi.