Mothers, kids, the disabled, the sick, the elderly…more than one million people have fled Ukraine because missiles are raining down on their homes and cities. 

It’s a war. 

Neighboring countries are taking them in so they have a chance to survive.

These are desperate people. Not people who can afford to pay human smugglers hundreds or thousands of dollars to sneak into another country. 

Juxtapose the Ukrainian refugees against the illegal aliens flooding our southern border (at the invitation of the democrat party) who are coming to America because they want a better job, better healthcare, a free education, to hook up with friends and family, to start illegal enterprises and get away from their current circumstances (which do NOT qualify as dire). 

No, most of the illegal aliens coming into our country not fleeing war. They just want free stuff and a better, easier life.

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And most of the illegal aliens flooding into our country are opportunists, taking advantage of Biden and the democrats being in power and welcoming them with open arms.

They lie about needing asylum, they pretend the children they smuggle over are their kids… they lie and do whatever the democrats and their NGOs had advised them to say and do to get into the country. 

They have the names of lawyers and other enablers in their pockets to help them out, cards that tell them what to say to border agents so they “qualify” to enter the United States.

Then when the illegal aliens get here, they are handed a bag of goodies and a plane ticket to go where they want.

These are not people looking for safety like the Ukrainians are.

They are opportunists and freeloaders – and Americans get to foot the bill while the democrats work on getting them all amnesty and voting rights.