Democrats don’t like the Constitution. And their adherence to it is next to impossible because most of their policy agendas are in direct opposition to it. 

So when they are sworn into political office and promise to uphold the Constitution, they are liars right off the bat before they even get into office.

To democrats, the Constitution is something to work around – an impediment. As Obama so aptly described the problem – it’s a charter of negative rights, telling the government what they CAN’T do to us.

Democrats don’t mind governing against Constitution because they rarely get push back on it – and if they do, they depend on leftist judges to rule in their favor.

Over the past two years during the pandemic, they’ve been acting as if there are asterisks all over the Constitution as it pertains to our rights. 

The democrats don’t want us to have any rights at all and they found a gift in their lap when a virus spread across the globe. That’s when their rampant abuse of emergency orders emerged.

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Freedom of speech? Freedom of assembly? The democrats were able to wipe out most of our rights with their emergency orders. No, you can’t go to church. The churches can’t even be open. No, you can’t protest unless you’re with the Black Lives Matter. And no, you can’t protest at a school board meeting. You’ll be hauled off to jail.

Bodily autonomy? No, you don’t have a right to decide if a chemical will be put in your body. Sure, they say, you have a “choice” – if you don’t want to lose your job. 

Freedom of the press? Only if you’re a leftist. If you’re not, the government will work with private industry to shut you down. No Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for you!

Freedom to bear arms? Certainly not.

Gun stores were shut down during the pandemic and now the leftists at Michigan State University want to shut down your right to carry a gun on the campus. 

A group of leftists called “Students Against Gun Violence” don’t want people to be able to carry a concealed weapon on campus and are lobbying the university’s Board of Trustees to change their firearms policy – because as we all know, there are just SO many crimes committed by people who legally buy guns and take classes on how to use them safely while they follow the laws of the state (insert sarcasm here).

The democrats always seem to find asterisks in the Constitution so they can deny our rights – although it’s doubtful that in places like MSU that they actually read the Constitution in any of their classes.