The leftist agenda is not acceptable to most sane people and so they are constantly changing the language. 

They change words and definitions to pretty-up their tyranny, fascism and destruction of American values and freedoms and to push their agendas.

Illegal aliens become migrants and undocumented immigrants, equality becomes equity, global warming became climate change, and the list goes on and on. They even changed the definition of what a vaccine is when they saw that the COVID-19 vaccines were failing.

One of the most irritating words they have come up with is “reimagine.” 

It’s not only being used in government now, companies all over the United States are using the word in their marketing. I’m hearing it all the time in advertisements and local government and school drivel that is being published.

Reimagine means to destroy. Plain and simple. 

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Lefists don’t like most things and so they want to reimagine them. 

Destroy them.

To reimagine police departments means to destroy them.

Reimaginging women’s sports means destroying womens sports and to allow males to compete with them.

Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration turned the tables on them. 

The democrats had gone out in droves misrepresenting a child abuse bill as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” and DeSantis defended the bill and called opponents of the bills “groomers.”

This is the kind of push back that the republicans need to start engaging in. 

The democrats win many of their stupid PR battles by lying to the people and coming up with vile and erroneous language – and they have no opposition to the BS that they spew to the American people.

Republicans need to start getting in the game, explaining the truth with the right language – and not be afraid to do it.