If you are a leftist radical BLM protester, you can expect to be swimming in cash – whether you are a founder of the group or a street fighter.

When the BLM shakedown happened after the George Floyd riots, the group made millions and millions and millions of dollars. 

Where did all the money go? Who knows. Certain founders of the group are pretty rich though, with multiple homes. There is missing money and fraud everywhere it seems. But so far, no one has been charged with anything.

Now we find out that Black Lives Matter protesters in Denver were awarded $14 million by a jury. These poor BLM terrorists had rubber bullets, tear gas and beanbag rounds fired at them by police when they were rioting.

In addition to that, there’s a new report out of NYC that describes how the police were the problem during the BLM protests, not the rioters. 

The Civilian Complaint Review Board (NYPD’s oversight agency) spent more than two years investigating the riots. 

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Did they try to find out who assaulted the police, started fires or threw molotov cocktails at police? 


They investigated the police and found that more than 100 officers were guilty of misconduct. After looking at more than 300 civilian complaints against the police, the board substantiated 65 of the complaints and recommended charges against 104 officers.

So police will be disciplined and fired.

The PBA police union president, Patrick Lynch, pointed out that a vast majority of the complaints weren’t substantiated and none of the violent agitators who injured about 400 of the police officers have been identified or held accountable.

Of course not.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are a Trump supporter who “paraded” in the Capitol on January 6th, the government can suspend your rights and any due process extended to you by the Constitution and hold you in a prison indefinitely.

Equal justice? Not even close.

NO justice in a a country controlled by the democrats.