It’s really a perverted world we live in at the moment. Perverted by insane radical leftists. They hold up their hands and swear on Bibles (that they don’t believe in), they take oaths to do certain things, they swear to uphold the Constitution and our laws (that they don’t believe in) and pledge to follow certain standards of professional conduct.

Politicians do this.

Doctors do this.

Attorneys do this.

Since the start of the pandemic, it’s been abundantly clear that the leftists are devious and will take away our rights using any means necessary.

Politicians, doctors, attorneys…they all did it. And still do.

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They saw their opportunity in the pandemic – and in the Biden presidency – and grabbed on to it. 

They don’t believe in the promises and oaths that they make. They believe in the democrat party and their Trump hatred and their own wokeness. They have jumped on the democrat bandwagon and use their professional positions to further the leftist agenda to rule over us.

They lie about vaccines and masks, they suspend Constitutional rights, they protect criminals instead of the rights of the innocents and hey shun bodily autonomy unless it’s abortion.

Recently, The Free Beacon reported that a group of law students at Yale (big surprise, right?) protested a conservative on their campus who was talking about free speech. 

I think she was able to prove her point after the students shouted her down and she had to be escorted safely off campus with another speaker. Leftists don’t believe in free speech and letting those with differing opinions have a voice. Even leftist law students.

Their protest was so bad that police were called because threats were made.

Following the event, 60% of the law students at Yale signed a letter supporting the crazies at the protest and then went on to complain about the police and how they traumatized everyone.

Our future is a scary place because of the way the democrats are running the world – they prefer affirmative action over merit, woke over common sense, staying home over working.

And if our future attorneys don’t care about the Constitution, I doubt they will care about any other laws either – unless their wokeness allows them to.

Kristen Waggoner, one of the speakers at the event said, “Yale Law students are our future attorneys, judges, legislators, and corporate executives. We must change course and restore a culture of free speech and civil discourse at Yale and other law schools, or the future of the legal profession in America is in dire straits.”