The exchange between Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson and Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn was both laughable and quite telling as far as where Jackson’s allegiances lie. And it’s definitely with the woke leftist mob.

The exchange went like this…

Blackburn: Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?

Jackson: Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t. Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.

Hm… does she have a dictionary?

Has she been to third grade?

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How about answering what the LEGAL definition of what a woman is? Surely she could comment on that.

I can define what rain is without being a meteorologist. And as Piers Morgan tweeted, “I’m not a brain surgeon but I know what a brain is…”

The judge has to keep her wokeness intact when answering questions so that the left doesn’t freak out. That means she has to walk a tightrope between appearing ignorant and just flat out lying.

She’s doing quite a job of evading easy questions so that the liberals don’t throw her overboard and realize that picking her was a mistake. She has to tow the line. Their line.

So she has to pretend that she doesn’t know what a woman is. 

And she wouldn’t answer about when she thinks human life begins either.

There’s all kinds of things that she just can’t put her finger on and answer with any kind of clarity. 

In addition to looking ignorant so she doesn’t have to answer any tough questions, it looks like she’s also soft on criminals (especially pedophiles) with her sentencing, endorses CRT and has represented GITMO detainees. 

All kinds of lovely things about her are being exposed but if you bring up anything at all, you are racist.

And oddly enough, even though being a woman is 50% of the reason Jackson got the nomination, she can’t actually define what a woman is. At least not in public in front of her democrat buddies.

Looking ahead to future cases, I’m sure she’ll have to decide cases with women in them. And maybe she’ll get a case where a woman is discriminated against.

If she doesn’t know what women are, how will she do that?

And if she doesn’t know what a woman is, how do we know she qualifies for Joe’s criteria for a judge?

The hearings have shown that Jackson isn’t up to the task of the job that she needs to do – kind of like the guy who nominated her.