The democrats have a whole different justice system than us little people – and elected republicans. 

The left can do what they want. 

Spy, rig an election, participate in a coup, sex trafficking, pay-to-play with foreign leaders, whatever…. They’re never held accountable. 

But if a republican jaywalks or “parades” in a public building or enters a restricted area, all hell breaks loose and they’re in jail for more than 20 years.

The democrats not only let the Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs riot for more than a year, they participated in it, supported it and fundraised off of it. Businesses were burned down, police were assaulted and people were killed.

No matter – because it was for a “just” cause. Most of these criminals were not held accountable for their crimes and most of the elected democrats paid no price for supporting these terrorists. 

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But on the other side of the democrat no-Justice system, there are plenty of crimes to charge Trump with.

Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome have been going after Donald Trump for years – for things they say he did and also for things they say he didn’t do.

The leftists say he egged on the Jan. 6th rioters with his speech. He did not. Things were happening at the Capitol before Trump’s audience even got there. He didn’t march his rally-goers over there to break in.

And I’ve heard the leftists say that by not stopping the Jan. 6th mob, he committed crimes. So they’re not just accusing him of incitement, they’re also saying he should have tried to stop the riot once it started.

What about the mayor in Portland who didn’t accept Trump’s offer for the National Guard to keep the city safe? Guess he’s guilty as well. He didn’t do something that resulted in crimes.

What about Pelosi not allowing Trump’s request for the National Guard at the Capitol on Jan. 6th? That’s being totally ignored.

And then there’s Biden, the “Big Guy” as his son Hunter calls him. He is guilty of plenty of things as you know – and you can add the invasion of the border to the list.

Biden is actively inciting illegal aliens to break into our country by not enforcing our immigration laws, working with NGOs to fly them all over the country and working with the democrat party to hand out freebies to them once they get here.

Then there was his whole presidential campaign where he promised that illegals wouldn’t be deported if he was president.

Biden has been and still is inciting illegal aliens to show up in the United States – and he’s not stopping them from breaking into the country when they get to the border.

A heck of a lot more crimes have been committed by illegal aliens than were committed by January 6th rioters.

Lock him up.

Biden is guilty as changed.