Biden and the democrat mob have two concerns and ONLY two concerns as they rule over us – equity and their climate change agenda.

Every day we see more and more proof of this.

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee wasn’t picked for any other reason than being black and being female. Biden said as much – promised as much – back when he was running to be president.

And incredulously, when asked about the Ukraine/Russia war, democrat John Kerry expressed concern about Russia’s ability to continue to help with climate change.

The priorities of the democrats are not just screwed up – they aren’t interested in actually running the country like sane people.

Just about EVERY department in the Biden administration from the defense department to the Commerce Department to the Department of Agriculture has climate change and equity as their top priorities in all decisions and policy rules.

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The Transportation Department cites equity and environmental justice as top concerns and even has a transportation equity network which is a grassroots network of community organizations “working to build healthy, equitable communities through transportation funding, policy and projects.”

Biden has all kinds of Executive Orders and memos that went out early in his presidency in order to make sure every department made equity and climate change integral parts in how his government operates.

Even the Defense Department, which should be busy with defense, has an Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They are also busy “fighting” climate change and released the Department of Defense Climate Adaption Plan back in October of 2021.

No wonder Putin wasn’t worried about America’s response to his invasion of Ukraine. 

He probably thought that if his soldiers invaded with masks and COVID-19 vaccination cards and he used electric tanks, all would be well with Biden and friends. 

Between America having a defense department that is too woke to do their job and a press secretary who promises Biden WON’T kick up our energy production even for the security and prosperity of our own country, we are truly a laughingstock, preoccupied with unserious leftist nonsense.

If actual war doesn’t shake the democrats out of their craziness, nothing will.