What’s up with Disney? 

Formerly a company that seem to care about children, they have thrown all that out the window and appear to be caving in to the demands of their woke employees and the woke mob.

Children no longer appear to be their top priority as they strive to cater to woke lunatics while separating parents from their money to keep their empire going.

Disney has gone on overdrive to bend to the will of the leftists by coming up with woke dress codes, woke anti-racist agendas and supporting leftists who want to be able teach kindergarteners about sex and gender choices.

These leftists (who want your five-year-old kiddos to know all about sex) went after Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently for not speaking out about the Parental Rights in Education bill quick enough. 

The bill, which the leftists have renamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill actually protects kids by stopping teachers from talking about sex and gender to kids in kindergarten through third grade. Seems reasonable.

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But Chapek had to do damage control and told his employees in a virtual meeting that he understood the pain in Disney’s initial silence about the bill and said “I and the leadership team are determined to use this moment as a catalyst for more meaningful and lasting change.” 

It would have been nice if Chapek, the leader of a company that markets products and services to kids, actually stood up for CHILDREN. But alas, he seems to be taking the side of the leftists who want to talk sex with little kids and put porn into high school libraries.

We shouldn’t be THAT surprised about this though. It’s one more thing in a list of many things that have been going on with the company lately.

Disney released “Muppet Babies” in 2021. In a release that is targeted to three to five year olds, the show grooms toddlers by showing Baby Gonzo in the words of an article by American Thinker “wanting to be a cross-dressing Cinderella and schooling the other Muppets to celebrate his gender identity.” 

Speaking of the Muppets, Disney added disclaimers to 18 of their episodes back in March of last year and also cancelled Dumbo, Peter Pan, the Aristocrats and Swiss Family Robinson from the Disney streaming programming for “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures.”

Woke enough for you?

How about they just spend their time concentrating and working hard on entertaining kids instead?

Walt Disney founded his company along with his brother Roy in October of 1923. Walt was a cartoonist who became interested in animation. The creation of Mickey Mouse made Disney a household name and the company took off from there.

Walt Disney believed in the innocence of children. He said, “In my work I try to reach and speak to that innocence, showing it the fun and joy of living; showing it that laughter is healthy; showing it that the human species, although happily ridiculous at times, is still reaching for the stars.”

The Disney of today looks totally different.

And while Disney focuses on their wokeness, three Disney employees got caught up in a human trafficking and prostitution sex sting recently and isn’t it funny that no one is protesting about that or asking what Disney is going to do to make sure their employees don’t pose a threat to the visitors at their parks.

Disney doesn’t appear to be as family friendly as they advertise and when you’re paying thousands of dollars for a family vacation, do you really want to go somewhere that thinks you are racist and wants your five-year-old to have sex conversations with you?