The democrats know that the American people have more important things to worry about than the January 6th committee’s witch hunt that they’re involved with.

People can’t afford their food and gas and energy anymore. The border is being overrun. COVID-19 is still lingering around. Shelves are still bare and more food shortages and grocery price increases are coming. Then there is World War III that is looking straight at them. Not to mention the fact that my Burger King hasn’t had french toast sticks for more than a month!

Giving a crap about politicians who are targeting Trump for the riots at the Capitol that happened back in 2021 is not on the radar of most people except those with severe TDS.

Most people aren’t concerned with something that happened more than a year ago. They’re concerned with their own problems and how the democrat party’s incompetence and radical policies have affected their everyday lives.

In order to distract people from what’s actually going on in their lives, the democrats want people to pay attention to what’s going on with the January 6th Committee.

RINO and Trump-hating Liz Cheney stoked the Trump-hating fires the other day on Trump-hating NBC News’ Meet the Press where she said “We’re looking at things like, do we need additional enhanced criminal penalties for the kind of supreme dereliction of duty that you saw with President Trump when he refused to tell the mob to go home after he had provoked the attack on the Capitol.”

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She voluntarily and gleefully went on NBC to gin up excitement over the anti-Trump January 6th committee because people are just not paying attention.

The Washington Post reports that the committee faces a thorny challenge: persuading the public to care.

Good luck with that.

I’m busy trying to figure out what to plant in my garden this year, I’m hoarding food and budgeting to get through the rest of the Biden-Harris administration. I’m sure many of you are doing the same.

Worried about PR more than anything else, WaPo reports that the House Jan. 6 Committee is actively trying to recruit high-profile journalists to write their report about the attack on the Capitol so it reads more like a thriller movie and isn’t boring like most government reports.

Democrat Florida REP Stephanie Murphy said, “We do not want a bureaucrat to write this report but rather a historian or a journalist – or someone who writes and can tell a story in a compelling way so that people can actually understand what happened.”

The democrats want to make sure that their show trial results in jazzy words, cool videos, riveting televised hearings and stuff that people can share on social media before the midterm elections.

Using their time to get to truth? Not so much.

But, alas, people just don’t care about something that happened 440 days ago. And most people already have a pretty good idea of what happened. They don’t need the government to re-tell the story. Even if it comes with flashy lights, glitter and rhinestones.

So this is all about the upcoming elections. And spin from the democrats. 

As most things they do are.