Yes, the democrats never fail to provide great comedy via being total hypocrites. That’s mostly because they don’t actually believe anything they say. Their total existence relies on lies and pandering for votes at any costs. They say one thing and do another. Everything happens for political expedience.

Now that the democrats have their affirmative action Supreme Court nominee chosen, they are pressing republicans to support the nomination.

South Carolina democrat REP James Clyburn recently said about black female Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, “This is beyond politics. This is about the country, our pursuit of a more perfect union, and this is demonstrative of another step in that pursuit and I hope that all of my republican friends would look upon it that way. Let’s have a debate, let’s talk to her about her rulings and her philosophy. But in the final analysis, let’s have a strong, bipartisan support to demonstrate that both parties are still in pursuit of perfection.”

Beyond politics. Right. 

Clyburn really doesn’t have much to worry about though because the fact is that he has at least a handful of RINOS who will be way too scared not to confirm her because of her gender and race. Those people include all of the usual suspects: Senators Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, plus probably a few others. (Collins didn’t even vote for Coney Barrett, but she’ll surely vote for the democrat nominee.)

So did this great bipartisanship dude, Clyburn, support the nominations of the republican Supreme Court nominees Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch or Amy Coney Barrett? Nope.

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In fact, while we contemplate Clyburn’s great words about how we need to pursue a more perfect union, let’s take a look at what he said about republican nominees.

When Amy Coney Barrett was up for the job, Clyburn said that Coney Barrett would bring the whole Supreme Court back to the Plessy vs. Ferguson era and even to the Dred Scott decision.

When Gorsuch was up for the job, the Congressional Black Caucus (which Clyburn is a member of) sent a letter to the senators to accuse Gorsuch of being racist. Their April 4, 2017 letter said that the CBC strongly opposed his nomination because his record was “hostile to African Americans, workers and women” with a “lack of empathy towards vulnerable people” seeking justice through the court system.

And of course, we all remember how very very bipartisan the democrats were when Brett Kavanagh was nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice. They switched their gears a bit and instead of using the race card against him, they just portrayed him as a rapist instead, throwing around accusations and using nasty Senator Kamala Harris to go after him with an anonymous letter she received that claimed Kavanaugh had raped the letter writer several times during a party.

So basically, my answer to Clyburn’s request is for him to take his bipartisan request and to shove it.