Democrats have their priorities and securing our border isn’t a top 1000 concern. It’s not on their radar at all. They care about the PR of the border but that’s about it.

They jumped into action to publicize a false narrative about border agents whipping illegal aliens and they moved a bunch of illegals as fast as possible when drone footage showed them overrunning an area under a bridge.

So while the PR spin goes on, actual border security is non-existent under the Biden-Harris administration.

With 164,973 illegals crossing through the US-Mexico border in February and more on the way after Title 42 deportations are stopped – and the possibility or refugees from Ukraine and Russia showing up – it’s going to be a busy summer down south.

So busy that the Biden is looking for volunteers at the border to help process their illegal friends and future voters, hand out water, Snickers bars and plane tickets – and make sure that everyone feels welcome.

The REAL problem at the border, according to the democrats are those pesky conservative media outlets who continue to show what is going on at the border. 

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The Fox News drone and the reporters at the network are hated of course but now they’ve gone after Real America’s Voice as well.

Investigative journalist Ben Bergquam and his crew got detained at gunpoint by the Border Patrol when filming an episode of “Law and Border.” 

After years of reporting on the invasion at the border, this was the first time they ever had the Border Patrol aggressively come after them.

They were put into patrol cars and had their hands on their heads while they were investigated. All the while, illegals crossing the border were ignored. 

Five units of the Border Patrol were way too busy investigating the Real America’s Voice crew instead of doing something about the approximately 70 illegal aliens right in front of them.

I’m not even shocked by this kind of behavior anymore coming from the democrats and their henchmen (and women). Targeting journalists is not anything new for them.

Censorship, bullying, targeting, threats… these are all useful tools of the democrat party and they will continue to use them because there is no one around to stop them.