I remember the good old days when what our president was doing didn’t have an effect on my life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Those days are gone because that’s not the kind of life that the democrats want us to live.

They want to control everything we do. Every day.

The cars we drive and how far we drive them. The taxes we pay and what the money is spent on. The laws that get enforced. The crimes that are charged. How people are treated based on their gender and color. The information that gets shared. The health rules we must follow. Whether we can go to work or open our businesses… 

The list is long and has no ending in sight because they use every hour in their day to add to the list.

The out-of-touch elderly Delaware resident who occasionally visits The White House spoke with top American CEOs at a Business Roundtable recently where he took credit for the great economy that he’s brought to us.

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Our delusional president doesn’t want us to believe what’s going on in our actual lives and budgets. No, just take his word for it that he and his fellow democrats have done a bang-up job. The economy is roaring.

So I’ll just ignore the fact that I’m spending about $400 more a month under Biden than I did under Trump and I’ll just keep believing the democrat fairytale that the economy is going gangbusters. Maybe I’ll even look into buying a new yacht!

As VP Harris recently said over and over again, “There is great significance to the passage of time….there is such great significance to the passage of time…”

Yep. There sure is. 

Under Trump, America prospered. Under Biden, we’ve been destroyed by the wrecking ball in the Oval Office.

Time is not our friend when democrats are in charge.